What Parents Say...

"Our Son, Tim, became involved his freshman year with an organization called 'The Navigators'. Who were The Navigators? An obvious concern was 'cults'. Was this one? In due time, all our concerns were alleviated. We spent time with many of Tim's Navigator friends, and we have yet to find one we didn't like and/or admire."

Bob and Susie Bastian
Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

"My Husband and I have been so pleased by our daughter's experience in Navigators at an Ivy League College. The weekly Navigator worship services, as well as the Christian friends she has met through these gatherings, have kept her Christian walk strong. We would recommend The Navigators to any parent."

Diane S. Passno
Executive Vice President, Focus on the Family

"Our Daughter was activily involved with The Navigators during her years in University. Through the Bible studies and informal social interaction, she met other students who were serious about their faith. I see The Navigators as a rudder that helps students navigate their way through the unpredicatble shoals of their college experience."

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer,
Senior Pastor of The Moody Church, Chicago